The strength and the success of Reflex-Polska is the production of customized car accessories.
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The aim of Reflex-Polska is to become a point of reference for innovative and quality products in the business of car accessories for the road and personal safety. 

Reflex-Polska manufactures road safety articles of best quality and for this reason it is the ideal partner of many car companies. A large number of well-known German and French car manufactures refer to Reflex for the production of car kits containing road safety accessories and first aid kits. 

Moreover, it supplies the large-scale retail trade, car distributors in Italy and abroad and shops specialized in safety accessories with first aid kits and safety accessories.

Being aware of operating on a competitive and particular market, where the success chances are connected with the product quality and service, Reflex-Polska is in the position to meet the requirements of the most difficult customers in an effective and quick way. 

The target of the whole company organization and the professional team is the excellence of the products and service with a natural inclination towards a continuous improving of the performances.